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Cena de Navidad 2013 – Christmas Party 2013.

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El pasado viernes 29 de noviembre celebramos en EL PRAGA nuestra ya tradicional cena de Navidad. Todo el mundo estaba muy animado y fue – como siempre - un encuentro muy bonito. On Friday 29 November Schindler celebrated its yearly Christmas party. Everybody was in good  spirits and we had – as always – a lovely time together.


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Die besten APPS zum Deutschlernen:

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“Teamwork” and “Team Building” at Juan de Lanuza. 05/11/13

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On Tuesday, November 5, Winni was invited to do a 90 minute-master-class in English about “Teamwork” and “Team Building” at the Colegio Juan de Lanuza. More than 40 pupils aged 16 and 17 attended and turned the event into a magnificent experience. Thanks again very much to Pilar Fernández (Head of the Finance Department and Coordinator of the “Cátedra Colegio Juan de Lanuza de Innovación Educativa”) and Teresa Civera (School Director) for the invitation.



Deutschtest: Sprechen Sie Deutsch? SPIEGEL ONLINE

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Testen Sie Ihr Wissen mit “Zwiebelfisch”-Autor Bastian Sick. 50 Fragen aus unserem verwirrenden Sprachalltag, teils leicht, teils knifflig, verteilt auf fünf Runden. Nicht immer geht es nur um richtig oder falsch, manchmal wird unter mehreren Möglichkeiten die “optimalste” Lösung gesucht. Ein Klick, und es geht los! Viel Spaß!




Can you answer these questions about languages? 50 amazing facts about languages

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How many languages are there in the world?
What percentage of the world can speak Mandarin Chinese as a first language?
How many languages are in danger of disappearing?
How many official and working languages are used in the EU?

If you want the answers to these and more language facts then take a look at this infograph:


50 facts