• Schindler is a company that specializes in language-teaching, language-consultancy and executive coaching, working primarily for businesses and organisations. We offer courses in 9 different languages and coaching in Spanish, English and German. The company is managed and run from its offices in the Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza. The courses generally take place in the client companies or at designated training centres; the department onetwothree also offers private classes at home. The company was created in July 1998 and since then it has given - with teachers from 22 different countries - over 350,000 hours of training to an average of 900 students at 60 companies every year.

  • Winni Schindler was born in Bavaria in Germany in 1960 and moved to Spain in 1984. He is an officially certified and sworn translator, language teacher and speaks German, Spanish, English and French. He is also a certified executive coach and holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. As well as running Schindler Servicio Integral de Idiomas, he gives talks and seminars on coaching, happiness, motivation, work-life balance and stress management at companies, business schools and at the University of Zaragoza, and he provides coaching in Spanish, English and German.

    Sarah Lothian is British and came to Spain in 1993. In addition to her university degree, she has completed several courses on Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Before moving to Spain, she gained wide-ranging experience in business administration. Sarah is the company’s head of studies and administration, and also gives and coordinates seminars on English for the workplace.

    Lorena Serrano and Pilar Angulo complete the administrative team in the Plaza del Pilar office. These two excellent Spanish collaborators are in charge of administration, customer care and accountancy.


  • The company employs native teachers, teachers from Spain and other countries. We believe that native teachers are necessary in certain cases but at the same time we think that the teachers´ origin should not be a priority. It is fundamental that all have a solid command of the language they teach, but aside from this, aspects such as motivation, teaching skills, knowledge of organisations and personal qualities are as important. We have an average of 30 teachers who have come from 22 different countries and we are very proud to have a group of people with such extraordinary professional and personal skills.

  • All of us at Schindler share the same commitment to achieving the highest quality in the work we do.

    We seek to provide a service that is top-quality in every respect: in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the classes no less than in the coaching, the translation work and the general consultancy.

    We enjoy our work and we want our clients not only to achieve the best results but also to feel at ease with us.

    With regard to the company’s internal organisation, we provide all our employees with complete legal cover and fitting remuneration, two aspects that are an absolute priority. We are very demanding but at the same time we guarantee an agreeable working environment. We consider that these two factors are by no means incompatible.